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Palms Therapy is Wilmington's Premier Mobile Massage and Bodywork Specialist.

Bringing the Day Spa experience to you!
Licensed Massage & Bodywork Practitioner, Denise Coates works with her clients in the comfort of their home or office.
Palms Therapy's mission is to tailor our services to accommodate your individual needs or goals for relaxation, pain management, stress relief and overall wellness. We use a wide variety of massage therapy techniques.


We are the premier choice for "rebalancing, rejuvenating, and renewing" your body, mind, and soul.

Explore our vision on the following pages, and make an appointment to become one of our treasured clients.

With warmest regards,

Denise Coates, LMBT

NC #13779


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A Few Kind Words From Our Clients

"I work with handicapped children and  I’m always lifting kids in out of their chairs. Quite frequently it takes a toll on my body.  Denise has been incredibly intuitive and can always tell just by looking at me when I’m a bit stressed or my body is tired.   I've pulled a muscle and my body  aches at times  especially as I get older. It just comes hand in hand with what I do. I need to be strong because I love my job. Denise has massaged my stress and pain away on many different occasions. She has a peaceful way about her and  so mindful of your needs. I definitely feel rejuvenated, strong  and fresh after a massage session with Denise. She is fabulous!!!


Carrie Alkins

"Denise Coates has an expansive knowledge of the human body.  I have benefited greatly from her expertise in restorative massage and bodywork. "

Jane at Plantation Village, Portersneck


"Denise is so incredibly knowledgeable! She is very much in tune with the mind and body that she can come up with a treatment plan quickly and then execute the type of massage techniques to give relief to pressure points, soreness, aches, and inflammation that I feel often.
Before she introduced me to the healing effects of massage, I would suffer for days/weeks while allowing my muscle strains to heal on their own. So, to this day, I’m constantly feeling some of the long term effects from not addressing these areas of problems sooner to help them heal properly.  
So, if you looking for a relaxing spa-day, a feel-good massage, or are in need of Specific deep-tissue therapy, Denise is amazing at helping remedy all things related to your body and wellness."

Kristal Oelkers-Adams


“Love that the service is offered at my home. Denise is an excellent massage therapist. She customizes the therapy to my needs.”


Our Services

Palms therapy mobile massage and bodywork

Services requested outside 20 mile radius of Monkey Junction will incur an additonal $20.




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